Superior HYMAX Pipe Repair Products by Krausz USA

Often imitated, never equaled, HYMAX products do the job better, in less time and with less inventory. We represent both Hymax and Hymax2 couplings, flange adapters and reducers from 1.5” to 60.”

Representation Area

Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, & South Illinois

Hymax & Hymax 2 Couplings, Flange Adapters & Reducers

1.5” to 60”

Hymax Grip Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Reducers, Elbows & End Caps

(seal & restraint) 1.5″ to 16″

Hymax Clamp

(wide range, stainless steel, pressure-rated) 1.5″ to 24″

Hymax Versa

(wide range, stainless steel, pressure-rated, point or coupling repair) 1.5″ to 70″

Hymax Website